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CAN Bus Controller Engineering

    CAN Bus Systems are widely used on all automotive applications in the most of the world.  The system became widely used due to mandates just after the turn of the century.  Some models ran earlier and some became members later than expected.  If you own a vehicle made after 2010 in the US or European Union it likely runs on CAN Bus.  It requires 2 wires, and it works as the conductor of the symphony that keeps your vehicle roadworthy.

Diagram 1

    The nodes(modules) must communicate on a network that is equal to 60ohms and has no standard between the manufacturer equipment.  All of the nodes must talk to each other with the proper data to prevent faults, but that doesn't mean you can't hear what's traveling past.  We can create controllers that work from an OBDII structure, such as speed, rpm, O2 Sensor, MAF,  ECT, or interpret the data that opens a Tesla door handle.  The design is yours, we just help with the execution.

    We specialize in reading and recording CAN Traffic to operate and output.  If you have a special task that needs to read vehicle data to operate, we have a solution.  Complete our contact form or give us a call to discus your application, and we will see how we can assist.